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  1. Steve McGee's rating of the film Deep Red

    The music rocks and the scenes are totally memorable. Really a great film.

  2. Aaron O's rating of the film Deep Red

    Great soundtrack and spooky artwork. Otherwise, this is much sillier than some of his other movies. Less dreamlike than Inferno or Suspiria, with too much time spent developing the relationships between boring characters. Although still stylish and often pretty, it's not nearly as visually interesting. Would probably give a 90-minute cut with no dialogue 4 starts.

  3. alhimself-'s rating of the film Deep Red

    It all makes sense. None of it makes sense. It is mischievous and brutal, funny and horrible at the same time. What a silly delightful way to spend almost the whole of the flight from Colorado to San Fran. The acting, in long takes, is so lovely to watch. All the actors have personality. There is a serious type of silliness in the vision which makes it a joy to watch, where if more self important it would be hell.

  4. S. Riff's rating of the film Deep Red

    A pure pleasure from start to finish. Far more hijinks ensue than I can remember in any other Argento film and are just quirky enough to keep in stride with the tone. The whole dud passenger seat is hilarious. Love the Goblin soundtrack, didn't find it offputting at all--thought it helped carry many of the scenes, especially of climbing down from that house. And the bathtub shot? C'mon!!

  5. Erik F.'s rating of the film Deep Red

    Brilliant use of space, color, movement -- a visual masterclass (if nothing else).

  6. kevcold's rating of the film Deep Red

    Suspiria is Argento's most known, but this is his best. Style, mood, pacing, everything works. Where I find much of his work to be fascinating but flawed, Deep Red is the place where it all comes together. If you've never seen any Argento, start with this, then on to Suspiria.

  7. Aardsy's rating of the film Deep Red

    This guy, always witnessing murders.

  8. David R Williams's rating of the film Deep Red

  9. Traum Baum's rating of the film Deep Red

    Gosh, was that Goblin score awfully out of place, or what. It just didn't feel right, killing all the tension and all. Nonetheless, it's a film superior to Suspiria in many respects.

  10. kamrey dowdy's rating of the film Deep Red

    I live for Dario Argento and his films and I'm glad that I watched this one on Halloween. This film features an amazing score by Goblin and the camera work is eerie and the whole thing has a spooky vibe to it. The plot line is simple but I feel like the film was a little too drawn out at times, but Argento always knows how to captivate an audience.

  11. Not A Sexy Vampire's rating of the film Deep Red

    Immensely satisfying despite being at times incredibly nasty. The kills are brutal, protracted and painful, yet also incredibly stylised. That has always been the contradiction at the heart of Argento's best work, viciousness presented like art. Central mystery here is effective as I had no clue until the very last scene. Cinematography is stunning (that long mansion sequence is mesmerising) with a GOAT Goblin score.

  12. Joaquín Font's rating of the film Deep Red

    Un Argento genial. La música, sobre todo.

  13. Pinturaud's rating of the film Deep Red

    Envoûtant, fantastique, déroutant.

  14. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Deep Red

    The red, red kroovy flows and flows.

  15. Biodegradanima's rating of the film Deep Red

    4.5 Dopo il rewatch diventeranno 5 probably

  16. Diego Ravazzolo's rating of the film Deep Red

    When you hear about Dario Argento, and as so, about his big reputation in what concerns the horror genre, and you haven't watched Deep Red or Suspiria, you won't get his very essence, which is absurdly hypnotical and has a unique style. The soundtrack of Profondo Rosso will stick with you, and the narrative is absurdly elevated to a sublime level when it comes to the movie ending. Essential horror.

  17. Lily Parmenter's rating of the film Deep Red

    As far as I am concerned this is a perfect film. Every aspect is masterful. I don't know if I've ever loved cinematography more. The score is incredible. I'm still in shock over how fucking amazing that was. Jaw-dropping.

  18. Shay McAteer's rating of the film Deep Red

    Deep red by name, deep red by nature - this movie makes great use of colour throughout. Every shot is purposeful and the soundtrack by Goblins is amazing. The plot is a well-paced murder mystery thriller horror and fun to watch all the way through. Nice ending too.

  19. DenoResandono's rating of the film Deep Red

    DEEP RED is a masterpiece from director Dario Argento - besides SUSPIRIA. The storyline is intriguing. Mr. Argento really knew how to build a suspense. DEEP RED has a frightening atmosphere. Me - as an audience - could feel the sense of terror. Somehow - I feel that DEEP RED is quite overlong. It would be perfect if it's less than two hours. But it doesn't matter to me. The cinematography is beyond amazing...

  20. roseros's rating of the film Deep Red

    Favorite Argento. I can watch and rewatch this for the camera angles, the beautifully staged exterior/interiors, the casting of extras that walked straight out of a Diane Arbus photo. Such a mood, LOVE.

  21. hazalil's rating of the film Deep Red

    Well Argento being Argento

  22. Massimo Angius's rating of the film Deep Red

  23. Henri de Corinth's rating of the film Deep Red

    Rewatch. A treasure, Argento’s best alongside Inferno, the connective tissue between his gialli and mannerist-expressionist mode. Once the opening credits/music bars begin, the movie *has* you in its insular borghese world. Always loved the dynamic between Hemmings and Nicolodi, and the Villa Scott sequence is a favorite -a specter of art nouveau decadence. Pour a glass of wine, turn off all the lights, and enjoy.

  24. Henrique Barbosa Justini's rating of the film Deep Red

    a manipulação total da imagem. um cinema que reconhece seus procedimentos e os evidencia ao telespectador sem constrangimento algum.

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