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রেটিং এবং রিভিউ

  1. astygianelysium's rating of the film Glue

    The camera puts you right in the gut of sexual tensions ratcheting up without centering spectacle or the trauma (phew!): so the queer teens wander through small towns lit by jade-green skies, led along by desire never ceasing; and you relish blessed horniness, indulgent horniness, unbearable horniness. Sometimes you sniff glue not to seduce your best friend, but to let yourself be seduced.

  2. aikeart's rating of the film Glue

    Porque es el preludio a llegar al "destino" que uno tanto quiere.

  3. Pymo's rating of the film Glue

    Hard time when you are just a teen..

  4. themotherandthewhore's rating of the film Glue

  5. joaomoita's rating of the film Glue

  6. Dafnias's rating of the film Glue

    Can't get more realistic. It lasts 110 min but it feels like more than 200 min.

  7. Rubia Carolina's rating of the film Glue

    Alexis dos Santos is side by side with Gus Van Sant and Lucrecia Martel in portraying adolescence in a realistic and, well, an arty way. Some similarities to Os Famosos e os Duendes da Morte, and a few with Duck Season and Machuca. Family scenes remind: La ciénaga, La Mujer sin Cabeza and Home (Ursula Meier). Chocolate milk scene: Show me Love (Lukas Moodysson). Great soundtrack by Violent Femmes.

  8. Fainéant's rating of the film Glue

  9. elouise1979's rating of the film Glue

    a very realistic movie about teenagers. well done. Ines Efron is truly amazing.

  10. Laima Vainina's rating of the film Glue

    "This bus follows the rhythm of the music.."