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I Had Nowhere To Go

পরিচালনা করেছেন Douglas Gordon
জার্মানি, 2016


I Had Nowhere To Go is based on Jonas Mekas’s diary. It’s been over 70 years since he left his village in Lithuania to escape Nazi persecution. He was 22 years old. Today he is one of the last surviving members of a displaced generation and one of the greatest documenters of the human experience.

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I Had Nowhere To Go পরিচালনা করেছেন Douglas Gordon
Sometimes a silence descends over the black screen, and then Mr. Gordon puts a loud explosion on the soundtrack, a symbol of the war Mr. Mekas spent his early years trying to flee. The effect is startling, and consistently so. But what it conveys is not so much Mr. Mekas’s experience as Mr. Gordon’s will, and his cheap sadistic hostility to the audience. It makes this film a vexed experience.
May 10, 2018
সম্পূর্ণ আর্টিকেল পড়ুন
The film’s few visual flourishes are punctuated by a dynamic soundtrack ranging from ambience to explosions. It summons in the mind’s eye a vivid image of wartime struggle and exile (Mekas fled Lithuania for New York City during World War II) that words can only approximate.
November 04, 2016
On the one hand, the film is palpably a collaboration between two moving image artists who possess a primary fascination with detourning temporalities; on the other, there is friction and resistance, not so much between the artists as with/against the idea of cinema itself.
November 02, 2016
সম্পূর্ণ আর্টিকেল পড়ুন

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