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  1. j's rating of the film Jimmy Orpheus

  2. Sunil Chopade's rating of the film Jimmy Orpheus

    What a long night. Like other viewers, I think this would have worked better at a more truly punk 30 minutes or so, as it gets a bit boring in its last quarter. Still, the film's opening salvo has so much editing verve that it hardly looks like it's aged.

  3. Daniel's rating of the film Jimmy Orpheus

    Jimmy Orpheus is indeed a moody portrait of a young man, but in the best way. What really makes this film stand out is the jump cuts. It moves quickly, and often with delightfully disorienting images interspersed. In the scope of lusty, lurking, lonely-men cinema, this film does something distinctly different. I found the female lead to be entirely captivating and feminist. A good pick, and a good intro to Klick!

  4. Nicole's rating of the film Jimmy Orpheus

    Who sings the song in the beginning? anyone know?

  5. Simone Berlioz's rating of the film Jimmy Orpheus

    Esta película tiene algo, y no es solo la manera en la que Klick desarrollo el personaje desesperante de Schichan, sino en si como director conllevo el movimiento de su cámara con enfoques único y entretenidos, además se resalta el buen sonido con el que fue creado para una película de 1966 en un drama romántico intenso.

  6. saitosouta's rating of the film Jimmy Orpheus

    3.5 Exposed by the affect of Novelle Vague (Firstly I thought about Adriaan Ditvoorst's "Paranoia") "Jimmy Orpheus" has the unique charm of New German cinema itself. Like a sludge creeping in ditch, an unkempt bastard roams around the darkest city whose darkness is full of stagnate melancholia. While whimsical air and gloomy atmosphere coexist, dir. Krick make them delve into the darkness attractively. Darkly gritty.

  7. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Jimmy Orpheus

    (2.5 stars) Dark and gritty, shot in an appropriate black and white look, it has a great tone and cinematic roughness that works for the subject matter. Unfortunately for me the pace was too much of a slow slog for it to be enjoyable. Even at less than 50 minutes, this short dragged. It's mainly a character piece that could have worked better for me as a much shorter film.

  8. Kelvin Thompson's rating of the film Jimmy Orpheus

    3-3.5. A masculine/feminine interplay that rings true. Jimmy the untamed romantic male id and The Girl (presumably our Eurydice), who's attracted and repulsed by Jimmy over the course of a night. Works as a self-contained story, but it's really the oddly comic editing that catches your attention; not unlike 'Funeral Parade of the Roses' in its dips towards postmodern editorial satire.

  9. kinotopia's rating of the film Jimmy Orpheus

    i've tried several times but don't understand the appeal of Godard. feel like this was a quick turnaround and major improvement on Godard's earlier work. far less ostentatious and a lot more enjoyable. sort of like a fun, absurdist version of "Shadows" by Cassavetes. i bet Leos Carax was inspired by this.

  10. Andrea's rating of the film Jimmy Orpheus

    Loved loved loved. A prescient portrait of the contemporary sadboy. The jump cuts gave me a nouvelle vague feeling - Klick does well in using editing techniques to suggest the playful, slackerish wanderings of a wayward youth in West Germany in the 60s. The running time is ideal to capture all the nuances of a one-night long always already unattainable young romance.

  11. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Jimmy Orpheus

    For a moment there I thought this was one of NWR's nudie cuties. But no, it's a guy wandering the streets getting into trouble, and trying to find the girl. Impressionistic with the jump cuts, it seems twice as long as it actually is.

  12. Clark Gholamipour's rating of the film Jimmy Orpheus

    Primal. How beautiful it is to find someone who is on a shared wavelength of an approach to life. Jimmy found that and was reciprocated the raw passion of a dynamic, insatiable life. Unfortunately for Jimmy, that kind of raw passion is fleeting and cannot be pinned down. Love has no place in a life that fast and uncomplicated. Poor Jimmy? No, but as the poignant musical parallel closes the film, Jimmy knows more.

  13. kinojay33's rating of the film Jimmy Orpheus

    Thank you for this introduction to Klick’s work, MUBI! This film used the tired, overplayed tale of a guy chasing an unobtainable woman through a long night and managed to wring some originality out of it. Love the pacing and the playfulness. Very excited to see his later works here in the coming weeks!

  14. Loz Loory's rating of the film Jimmy Orpheus

    As a short, it should have been much shorter. The only way I could tolerate this was by imagining Marlon Brando playing the lead, straight from his role in "On the Waterfront." Even so, I fell asleep during two viewing attempts. Far too long and repetitive. The jump cuts seem more like cover for poor coverage than a purposeful stylistic device. Wished he would lie down on the street and sleep.

  15. Huwa's rating of the film Jimmy Orpheus

    Existential european auteur, late night wandering. A touch of symbolism with his after midnight flame, but grounded in the streets, doorways and fog. Playful moodiness.

  16. Erik F.'s rating of the film Jimmy Orpheus

  17. Leo Troconis's rating of the film Jimmy Orpheus

    Klick's short film seems to embody the rage and frustration of a whole generation with a raw portrayal of what it's like to want something in Western Germany during the 1966. Rebellious and lost, Christoph walks the Hamburg streets with anger, lust, and his nighttime adventures include signature punk influence that perfectly mirrors what the confused youngster is feeling.

  18. Kenneth Gentry's rating of the film Jimmy Orpheus

    "Got nothing to tell the world."