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রেটিং এবং রিভিউ

  1. Drew Kelly's rating of the film Tabu

    A classic story told through an old lens in a technically new way. Love in a time of political unrest: the domination of Mozambique by colonialist Portugal as wrong as this youthful and careless less doomed to destroy everyone of their "friends" around them.

  2. Zac Weber's rating of the film Tabu

    Tabu requires patience, but the 2nd half beautifully explores the construction of memory and identity. At times slow, but more often hypnotizing and mysterious. Gomes' film is all the more rich because of his ability to subtly capture the reverberations of Europe's colonial past. For instance, one cannot avoid the irony of Aurora telling Santa she is imprisoned by a monster. I yearned for more as the credits rolled.

  3. kowalski's rating of the film Tabu

    oldschool, trashy, progressive, provocative, boring, fascinating at the same time, but i think only for filmfreaks interesting

  4. Fleischman's rating of the film Tabu

  5. bencor's rating of the film Tabu

    Insensatez in honor of the opening and end credits-Lost Highway-

  6. mpho3's rating of the film Tabu

    "A decisively cinematic work, tapping into classic film traditions while subverting them with consistent narrative invention." - Eric Kohn, Indiewire

  7. Diana Ferreira's rating of the film Tabu

  8. SueRay's rating of the film Tabu

  9. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Tabu

    Una película de una estructura propia de Gomes, sobre la fascinación por el discurso legendario, mitológico o simplemente testimonial. "Tabú" es el resultante de una serie de reminiscencias, algunas reales sobre sueños frustrados, otras producto de la ilusión o la alucinación. El cambio abrupto de una trama cambiante es lo atractivo del filme. De una leyenda a una benefactora, y, finalmente, a una historia de amor.

  10. crystal meff's rating of the film Tabu

    colonial white people fall in love with each other whilst black servants get to tidy up their shit....

  11. Arianna F. Passos's rating of the film Tabu

    unique script and aesthetic. sound design is too rough, not my favorite.

  12. sedmacedo's rating of the film Tabu

    unclear, rough, broken, odd but hella great

  13. Mariana Branco's rating of the film Tabu

    O amor, o sonho, o império. A desilusão, a realidade, a vida. A morte. A eternidade do que um dia já se foi. Sublime.

  14. Leo's rating of the film Tabu

    Nice "period" visuals, so-so storytelling. I do love B&W, hus 3 stars. Otherwise would've given 2

  15. André Graça's rating of the film Tabu

    Girl meets boy. Girl gets pregnant. Girl meets cuter boy. Girl cheats on old boy. Old boy finds out! Old boy gets mad. Old boy punches cute boy. Oh and a mutual friend gets murdered. Did I miss something?

  16. Emily's rating of the film Tabu

    Beautiful cinematography, wonderful storytelling.

  17. angelicidea's rating of the film Tabu

    Absolutely brilliant, a whimsical, magical fairy tale about love

  18. Marv1n's rating of the film Tabu

    Un film immense sur la vie et l'Amour

  19. Maria's rating of the film Tabu

  20. GoSpeedGo!'s rating of the film Tabu

    Watched it for the fifth or sixth time last night and could go on about it for hours. The cut to Aurora's face when Ventura starts telling the story is still the most shiver-inducing transition. Ghosts from the past suddenly reemerge, probably more beautiful than they originally were, but that's life and memory for you. One of the best films of this century.

  21. Beatriz Pinto's rating of the film Tabu

    Para sempre apaixonada por este filme.

  22. Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film Tabu

    The unforeseen invocation of mute cinema to approach the scenes of the past, gave it a distinguished touch, luring the viewer for its magnificent black-and-white pictures. Full review and rating:

  23. msmichel's rating of the film Tabu

    Beautiful, poetic and passionate homage to silent cinema conventions cleverly broken into two halves. "Paradise Lost' chronicles the supposed madness of a neighbor concluding with a affirmation of her past from an old lover. "Paradise' , the second half, is the homage to silent cinema telling the story of said woman's past in Africa some sixty years before. Beautiful cinematography, great performances, a total gem

  24. Gabriela Ruiz Gordon's rating of the film Tabu