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Moviegoing Memories: Carlos Reygadas

The director of “Our Time” tells us about his favorite cinema and the one film he would most like to see on the big screen.
Moviegoing Memories is a series of short interviews with filmmakers about going to the movies. Carlos Reygadas's Our Time is MUBI GO's Film of the Week of July 12, 2019.
NOTEBOOK: How would you describe your movie in the least amount of words?
CARLOS REYGADAS: It’s a movie of magnets and sex and mirrors and fear.
NOTEBOOK: Where and what is your favorite movie theatre?
REYGADAS: It’s a huge movie theater in Mexico City and it’s my favorite because it’s directly on the street, not in a mall or in a multiplex. It’s called the Angry Dog.
NOTEBOOK: What is the most memorable movie screening of your life?
REYGADAS: I don’t remember any.
NOTEBOOK: If you could choose one classic film to watch on the big screen, what would it be? 
REYGADAS:  The film I'd really like to see on the big screen is The Goat Horn (1972), an early 1970s film from Bulgaria by a guy called [Metodi] Andonov, which I only saw once in my life in a very bad copy and loved. I would love to have the opportunity to see it again, because it was huge: and the mountains were just so incredible and the images I remember were great. I loved it and would like to enjoy it completely as it should be: on a big screen.

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