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বিশেষ রেন্টাল

Continuing our focus this year on the multi-faceted German filmmaker Heinz Emigholz—from of our Architecture of Autobiography retrospective—MUBI is proud to exclusively present his new documentary series. The brilliantly unclassifiable “Streetscapes” pinpoints perspicacious intersections of art, urban landscape, politics, history and psychology. We encourage you to read more of the director’s extensive notes on his own website about each production: 2+2=22 [The Alphabet], Bickels [Socialism], Streetscapes [Dialogue], Dieste [Uruguay].

2+2=22 [The Alphabet]

Heinz Emigholz জার্মানি, 2017

The film documents the genesis of the recordings and production of some music pieces by the band Kreidler that were released on their album ABC in May 2014. Continuous, long, observing filmic shots were taken. The recordings were made from 8 to 12 October 2013 in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Streetscapes [Dialogue]

Heinz Emigholz জার্মানি, 2017

A film director confides in his interlocutor. He talks about the working process, about creative blocks, about artistic crises and expressive forces. At some point, the idea takes hold that this conversation could be turned into a film. And this is the very film we’re watching the two of them in.

Dieste [Uruguay]

Heinz Emigholz জার্মানি, 2017

The final part of Heinz Emigholz’s “Streetscapes” series is a triptych. A prologue examines 3 buildings by Julio Vilamajó in Montevideo. The main part of the film is a cinematic documentation of 29 buildings by the Uruguayan architect and shell-construction master Eladio Dieste (1917-2000).