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The Man from Nowhere


পরিচালনা করেছেন Lee Jeong-beom
দক্ষিণ কোরিয়া, 2010
অ্যাকশন, অপরাধ, থ্রিলার
  • কোরিয় ভাষা
  • ইংরেজি


A retired government operative, living in obscurity, collects his pension and minds his own business. But when a gang of black market organ harvesters abduct the kid who lives next door, he swings into action, tearing through everyone in his path as he races to the rescue.

আমাদের ভাবনা

Lee Jeong-beom’s relentless revenge film, has non-stop high-speed action sequences, breathtakingly violent set pieces, and all the blood and guts you could ever want. The Man From Nowhere is an exemplary action film which doesn’t waste a moment in its relentlessly fiery tale of retribution.

The Man from Nowhere পরিচালনা করেছেন Lee Jeong-beom এখন দেখুন
এখন দেখুন 2 দিন বাকি আছে

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Asian Film Awards

2011 | মনোনীত: Best Visual Effects

Grand Bell Awards (South Korea)

2010 | 3 জয়লাভ যার সাথে আছে: Best Actor

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