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Photo of Albert Lewin
Photo of Albert Lewin

Albert Lewin

“[on casting the leading role in The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945)] One day, I received a message from Cedric Gibbons, who wanted to see me on a matter of urgency and secrecy. Gibby was the only close friend of Greta Garbo around the studio, and he had been deputed to tell me that Garbo wanted to play Dorian. Indeed, it was the only role she would come back to the screen for. Of course, I moved heaven and earth to set it up. But everyone had a fit: the censorship problem, formidable anyway, would have become insurmountable with a woman.”

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    ALBERT LEWIN United Kingdom, 1951

    A Technicolor fever dream of impossible love, heady folk mythology, and heartstopping color, Albert Lewin’s vivid surrealist fairytale—starring a luminous Ava Gardner—is unlike any other. Lensed by Jack Cardiff and with stage sets by Man Ray, enjoy the visual feast in a ravishing recent restoration.

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