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Photo of André Szankowski
Photo of André Szankowski

André Szankowski

“I think Żuławski was able to find a point of view and a link to his own directing style in my work. I remember he had enjoyed Mysteries of Lisbon, saying : "This is a very bright image, really polished..., this is not at all what I want for Cosmos !" He entrusted me with the film on the basis of our relationship and on the understanding between cinematographer and director.”

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    Raúl Ruiz Portugal, 2010

    Romance! Vengeance! Pirates! Don’t let the running time put you off, this sprawling, Dickensian Bildungsroman marries the narrative sweep of the best TV to the artistry of a cinematic master operating at the top of his game. Raúl Ruiz’s mesmerising epic is what weekend afternoons were made for.

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