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Photo of Bansi Chandragupta
Photo of Bansi Chandragupta

Bansi Chandragupta

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    Satyajit Ray India, 1977

    Made during an era of press censorship in India, The Chess Players is a self-described “contemplative though unsparing” drama that examined the country’s future through its past. An exquisite satire from one of world cinema’s most beloved masters: Satyajit Ray.

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    27 DOWN

    Awtar Krishna Kaul India, 1974

    Shot in black and white, 27 Down underlines the transient nature of life through its recurring motifs of railway stations and running trains. Based on Hindi novel Athara Sooraj Ke Paudhe, the film indelibly portrays the evolution of the relationship between a young couple in mid 70s Bombay.

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