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Photo of Hitendra Ghosh
Photo of Hitendra Ghosh

Hitendra Ghosh

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    Satyajit Ray India, 1991

    Ostensibly a psychological mystery, Satyajit Ray’s last film is a deeply philosophical rumination on the evolution of civilization and human nature. Based on his own short story Athiti, The Stranger ponders on a world where the value of material wealth far exceeds that of humanity, trust, and love.

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    Shyam Benegal India, 1977

    Featuring Smita Patil’s moving portrayal of an unconventional and fascinating actor, Bhumika is masterful work by Shyam Benegal. Based on the life of 40s Marathi stage actor Hansa Wadkar, this film is a fine study of feminism, male gaze and the price one has to pay for personal freedom.


    Shyam Benegal India, 1994

    Questioning the idea of home, roots, and identity, a poignant reflection on the emotional cost of India-Pakistan partition. The struggle unravels through the mundane day-to-day life of a poor family in Mumbai as their once Indian and now Pakistani relative visits them.


    Satyajit Ray India, 1989

    An adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s play An Enemy of the People, Ganashatru is a scathing commentary on the social system and religious orthodoxies. Highlights the ever-persistent conflict between rationality and religion, which is fueled by the greed of the powerful and naivete of blind faith.


    Shyam Benegal India, 1983

    Based on Urdu short story Anandi by Ghulam Abbas, Mandi is a sharp satire on the hypocrisy of society. Questioning the self-appointed guardians of morality and culture, director Shyam Benegal explores the world of sex workers a gaze full of empathy, kindness, and respect.