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Photo of Max Richter
Photo of Max Richter

Max Richter

“I did start by remixing an existing Deutsche Grammophon recording.”

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    Natalie Johns United Kingdom, 2019

    Here’s a chance to drift off, disconnect, and dream… This stunning look at somnolence and sound explores the creative process fueling Max Richter’s “eight-hour lullaby”—considered by many his masterpiece—inviting us to connect to a space of serenity and wonder. Whatever you do, don’t sleep on it.

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    Ari Folman Israel, 2013

    Ari Folman followed the Oscar-nominated Waltz With Bashir with this striking adaptation of Stanisław “Solaris” Lem’s novella. Reconfiguring Lem’s tale of an illusory utopia into a biting Hollywood satire, Folman blends live-action with hallucinatory animation for a vivid, sci-fi head trip.


    Cate Shortland Germany, 2012

    This ambitious sophomore feature from Cate Shortland arrived some 8 years after her sensuous debut, Somersault. With an enigmatic score from Max Richter and a powerhouse lead in newcomer Saskia Rosendahl, Lore sees an impressionistic study in collective guilt emerge from the dissolving fog of war.


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