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Photo of Sofiko Chiaureli
Photo of Sofiko Chiaureli

Sofiko Chiaureli

“Only love can save. We need to stay close. Moscow, Russia – my second home, I studied here, graduated from the VGIK, I have a lot of friends and relatives. I can not imagine life without these actors that exist in Russia: Petrenko, Lavrov, Basilashvili … Surikova, Lenya Kuravlev, my classmate. It is necessary to hold on, and do not give in to provocations. I beg you, to love Russian and Russia. Russian and Georgian peoples, they have such deep roots of friendship and love, it is no one can break. Nobody. I believe in it. I believe that it is temporary and it will pass. And I want to say that I love Russia to the pain in the heart.”

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    Maria Saakyan Russia, 2006

    The first Armenian feature directed by a woman, Maria Saakyan’s bold debut is a mesmerizing journey weaving village life and reveries into a swirling vision reminiscent of Tarkovsky. Saakyan’s life was tragically cut short, but this new restoration beautifully showcases her extraordinary vision.

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