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Milt Kahl




The extraordinary draftsmanship of Milt Kahl was recognized early in his Disney career. Fellow animator and Disney Legend Ollie Johnston recalled during the making of “Pinocchio” how a senior animator at the time responded to Milt’s drawings. Ollie said, “One morning Freddie Moore burst into my room saying, ‘Hey, you ought to see the drawings [of Pinocchio] this guy Milt Kahl is doing.’” Walt Disney recognized Milt’s talent, as well, and named him supervising animator over the artists, who brought Pinocchio to life.

Years later, when “The Sword in the Stone” director Woolie Reitherman saw Milt’s first rough drawings of Merlin the magician and Madame Medusa, he reportedly turned to Milt and said, “These things look so beautiful, they could hang in a museum” to which, Milt responded with a characteristic “Aw…You’re full of it!”

Because Milt was so good at his craft, he was often assigned the toughest of Disney tasks: animating human characters, such as Peter Pan, Alice of… read more


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