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Wash Westmoreland




Wash Westmoreland (born March 4, 1966) is an independent film director who has worked in television, documentaries, independent films. Westmoreland’s began directing in the adult film world of the late-nineties making deliberately ironic post-modern porn. His 2006 release, “Quinceañera”, had a double Sundance win (Audience Award and Grand Jury Prize), and also picked up the Humanitas Prize, and the John Cassavetes Spirit Award. In 2008 Westmoreland produced an MTV film “Pedro” about AIDS activist Pedro Zamora that was introduced on MTV by U.S. President Bill Clinton. Working with his partner Richard Glatzer, he is slated to direct “Hello Darkness,” a vampire movie set in the North of England and “Sensational,” a feature for HBO.

After working as a camera assistant on Bruce LaBruce’s movie Hustler White, Westmoreland decided to enter the Adult Entertainment world to make what he described as “post-modern pornography” and research material for a feature film project The Fluffer… read more


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