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Ron Howard


“You reach a point where you say you’re not going to do juveniles any longer.”



Professionally, Ron Howard has come a long way from the tousle-haired, barefoot sheriff’s son who trod the byways of idyllic Mayberry to reside in the heady company of Hollywood’s most elite directors. Howard’s films are pure entertainment; they are well-crafted efforts, frequently technically challenging from a production standpoint, and aimed at mainstream audiences. Though some of his lesser works have been criticized for possessing formulaic scripts, Howard’s films approach even hackneyed subjects in fresh ways. Though he does not characterize himself as a risk taker, he loves the challenge of exploring different genres; therefore, his filmography includes B-movie actioners, domestic comedies, fantasies, sci-fi, suspense-thrillers, historical dramas, and big-budget action films.

The son of actors Rance and Jean Howard, he made his theatrical debut at age two in a Baltimore production of The Seven Year Itch. He made his screen debut at age five in the suspenseful political… read more


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Rock and Bull


Best quote on Mubi.

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Brian O'blivion


Ron Howard makes the best 3 star movies.

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Creepy quote, glad he's not a perv anymore though I guess

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    Dude was just gonna comment on here about that. No matter which way i read it, i always conclude he doesn't bang 13 years olds.......anymore.

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Levent Güçer


Please drop out of The Dark Tower,please drop out of The Dark Tower,please drop out of The Dark Tower,please drop out of The Dark Tower...