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Fakir Musafar

“We're getting to the last taboo. The last taboo in a cultural revolution, as I see it, is the body.”



Fakir Musafar (born Roland Loomis, August 10, 1930 in Aberdeen, South Dakota) is considered the father of the modern primitive movement. He has experimented on his own body with body modification techniques such as body piercing, tightlacing, scarification, tattooing, and suspension, and has documented, shared and taught others as part of his life’s work making him an underground icon in BDSM, kink and fetish communities.

Musafar is featured in Modern Primitives, published by RE/Search, and in the full length documentary Dances Sacred and Profane. He also appears in the movie Modify.

Musafar was featured in the full length documentary film about Charles Gatewood – Dances Sacred and Profane. The “sacred dance” segment comprises Gatewood’s conversations with Musafar, as they talk about body manipulation as a spiritual practice, and “the historical drive to find transcendence through pain”. The last section of the film follows Fakir’s preparation and enactment of the “SunDance… read more


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