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Zdeněk Podskalský




Zdeněk Podskalský (1923-1993, Prague) studied at the humanities faculty of Charles University in 1945-49. In 1951 he transferred from FAMU to Moscow’s VGIK film academy. He started out as a TV director and remained faithful to television for the entirety of his long film career, which began in 1957 with the feature comedy Friday Morning. A knack for comedy combined with a talent for period social atmosphere marked all of his best pictures, whether the Faustian When the Woman Butts In (1959), the love story Never Strike a Woman…Even with a Flower (1966), the crime comedy My Dear Aunts and Me (1974), the tragicomedy Ball Lightning (1978), or the comedy The Christening Party (1981). His interest in the musical genre was confirmed by A Night at Karlstein (1973) and The Hit (1980). He also wrote screenplays, theater plays, and directed for the stage. —KVIFF 


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