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Sonia Bergamasco


“What I have always sought, in my work as an actress, is to explore the possible dialogue between music and theather. Nothing new, and yet the variations in aproach, onstage, are infinite.”



After the high school diploma (classical studies), she studied piano at the Conservatory Verdi in Milan. At the same time she graduates at school of Piccolo Teatro. She works with Giorgio Strehler, Massimo Castri and Carmelo Bene. She makes her début at the cinema with a short by Mario Martone, included in the triad Miracoli. She works for television in the play Pinocchio by Carmelo Bene and in Indizio fatale by Marcello Avallone. She plays the role of Eva in Il mnemonista by Paolo Rosa, with Roberto Herlitzka. The next year she is L’amore probabilmente (2001) by Giuseppe Bertolucci. She obtains the role of a terrorist in La meglio gioventù by Marco Tullio Giordana. She works in De Gasperi by Liliana Cavani, followed by Musikanten by Franco Battiato. From time to time she works for the TV. At the cinema she can best express her communicative force, working again with Battiato, taking part in Sanguepazzo by Giordana and above all in Giulia non esce la sera by Piccioni. She is also a… read more


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