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Babak Payami




Babak Payami (Persian: بابک پیامی , born 1966 in Tehran) is an Iranian film director. Born in Tehran in 1966, Baback Payami studied cinema at the University of Toronto during the early 90’s. In 1998, he returned to Iran after an almost two decade to produce and direct his debut “One More Day” or “Secret Ballot”. This flim describes what happens on election day when an idealistic young woman lands on a remote island to serve as the election agent. She faces many obstacles, not the least of which is the chauvinistic soldier unwillingly assigned to assist her. Payami recalled how he thought of the story: “It was a compilation of observations that you make when you look around and you get more engaged. It all crystallized through an idea by Mohsen Makhmalbaf [“Kandahar”], who made a semi-documentary called “Testing Democracy.” Payami continued, "Basically I took this idea and ran with it. I felt that the element of the absurd and the comic were very good balancing factors in not being judgmental… read more


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