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“I suppose I sometimes used to act like I wasn't a human being... Sometimes I look back at myself and remember things I used to say, or my hairstyle, and I cringe.”



Possessing one of the most distinctive voices in pop music and one of the most distressing résumés on the big screen, Madonna has proven that whatever the role — screwball seductress, martyred Argentinian first lady, embittered single mom-cum-yoga instructrix — her abilities as a performer will manage to undermine any production whose credits bear her name. Like Elvis before her, Madonna has proven that no matter how sterling a pop reputation an artist may have, success on the Billboard Top 100 does not translate into similar plaudits at the box office.
Born Madonna Ciccone in Bay City, MI, in 1958, Madonna was raised in a strict Roman Catholic household. She attended the University of Michigan as a dance student for a brief period before dropping out to move to New York City in 1977. There, she quickly became a habitué of various downtown gay discos; spurred on by her dance teacher and her deejay pals, she embarked on a singing career. Before releasing her debut album, however… read more


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I'm added music videos.

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Sue Denim


go Madonna!

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Everyone seems to downright despise Madonna as an actress but I really don't think she's bad at all. She makes poor choices on her roles fairly often, I'll admit, but is it really her fault if a movie doesn't turn out good?

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