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Nuno Rocha


[on "Vicky and Sam"] “There are tons of movies like this, like there are tons of movies about mafia, serial killers, or ships that sinks overseas… etc, etc… But, the way you grab a concept, must be unique…”



Nuno Rocha is a promising emerging producer and director from Portugal. For 5 years, he attended the prestigious Instituto Politécnico do Porto and graduated with a BA in TCAV and where he wrote and directed his first short entitled “Berco de Pedra” (Stone Crib). This short film won various awards on the Portuguese film festival circuit. He then released a new short film entitled “3×3” which won the prestigious 1ST place award at the Zon Multimedia Contest and went on to win prizes at several other national and international festivals.

As a graduate student at The University of Texas at Austin, he studied Advanced Directing (RTF) in 2009 and created yet another short entitled “Vicky and Sam” which was filmed completely on location in Austin, Texas. In 2010, Nuno became a partner with the FilmesDaMente production company and created the first short film for LG entitled “Momentos.” — 

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