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Elin Klinga




Born 13 August 1969 in Stockholm, Sweden, to actors Hans Klinga and Malin Ek, Elin Klinga decided, as many other children born into acting families, to not become involved with the theatre. However, after studying at Adolf Fredrik’s Music School, she took a drama class at Kulturama before enrolling at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts at the age of 22.

Elin Klingas’ acting roots extend back to her maternal grandparents, world-renowned choreographer Birgit Cullberg and actor Anders Ek, the headstrong theatre personality who worked with Bergman in close to 30 productions.

Ingmar Bergman had a great deal of influence on Elin Klinga’s acting career. As a brand-new actor fresh on the scene in 1994, she was hired at the Royal Dramatic Theatre, where she instantly joined Bergman’s staging of Mishima’s Madame de Sade, replacing Marie Richardson.

From this point on, Klinga acted in a number of Bergman’s theatre productions. In a review on her performance as Dionysos… read more


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