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Emmanuel Lefrant




Emmanuel Lefrant’s film work is based on abstraction being apprehended as landscape. A landscape that is actor or producer of emotions and subjective experiences. The films lie on the idea of representing, of revealing an invisible world (the secret forms of emulsion), a nature that one does not see. They are contemplative movies, which are presented under the shape of a physical experience, an experience of the body. The time of the screening is a great ordeal (the educated eye and ear suffer) because they are films that work on the hallucinatory mode: they are pure visual and kinaesthetic experiences.

Born in 1975 in France, Emmanuel LEFRANT studied cinema at the University of La Sorbonne Nouvelle where he started an academic work on abstract films. He then spent several years in Montreal where he founded the kinaesthetic research collective PHYLM with audio artist Philippe Pasquier. Back to Paris in 2004, he works again on performances first with Nominoë- performance collective… read more


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