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Gabriel Axel




Gabriel Axel (born 18 April 1918) is an Oscar winning Danish film director, actor, writer and producer, best known for the Oscar-winning Babette’s Feast (1987), which he wrote and directed.

Born in Århus, Denmark, on April 18, 1918, Axel spent most of his childhood in France, and returned to Denmark to train as an actor at the Royal Danish Theatre. After spending some years in Paris, working with the Louis Jouvet theatre ensemble, Axel concentrated his efforts on directing for the theatre, television and cinema in Denmark.

With some 16 feature films to his credits Axel returned to France where he directed several large projects for television, which brought him a number of distinguished honours.

In 1988, Gabriel Axel won an Academy Award for his Danish feature film Babette’s Feast, an adaptation of Isak Dinesen’s novel of the same name.

His other notable films include the popular comedy Familien Gyldenkål (1975) and its sequel; a series of sexually oriented… read more


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