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Donald McAlpine




Donald McAlpine, ACS and ASC is an Australian cinematographer.

Early life and career

Before his film career, McAlpine was a physical education teacher in Parkes, New South Wales, Australia. He began using a 16mm Camera to film athletes preparing for the Melbourne Olympics.

McAlpine’s early career in Australia found him collaborating with other great Australian filmmakers from 1972 to 1981. In particular, Bruce Beresford. McAlpine filmed many of Beresford’s early films including, The Adventures of Barry McKenzie, Barry McKenzie Holds His Own, Don’s Party, The Getting of Wisdom, Money Movers, Breaker Morant and The Club. McAlpine also worked with another great Australian filmmaker, Gillian Armstrong, in My Brilliant Career.

After three of McAlpines films were released in New York, My Brilliant Career, Breaker Morant and The Getting of Wisdom, Director Paul Mazursky noticed McAlpines work and offered him the chance to travel to Greece to work on the film Tempest… read more


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