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Pete Docter


“I don't think people in any way, shape, or form like to be lectured to. When people go to a movie, they want to see some sort of experience of themselves on the screen. They don't come to be taught. So in that sense, and in terms of any sort of beliefs, I don't want to feel as though I'm ever lecturing or putting an agenda forth.”



Pete Docter came in on the ground level of arguably the most creative, technologically cutting-edge studio in filmdom, essaying a fantasy-filled childhood into some of the most spectacular and whimsical feature films of the late 1990s and 2000s. At just 21 years of age, Docter became one of the first employees of Apple Computer honcho Steve Jobs’ boutique computer-animation shop, Pixar, going on to work as a writer and animator on the company’s groundbreaking animated comedies “Toy Story” (1995) and “Toy Story 2” (1999). He conceived and directed “Monsters, Inc.” (2001) and went on to originate two features that would earn the studio some its most glowing praise and most substantial profit – “WALL E” (2008) and the adventure-comedy spectacle “Up” (2009) which returned Docter to the director’s chair. A self-admitted archetypal nerd growing up in the Midwest, Docter achieved every film geek’s dream by boasting multiple award nominations and wins for his timeless tales enjoyed by both… read more


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Pixar's Best (+ToyStory3)