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Erich Kästner



Erich Kästner was born on February 23, 1899, in Dresden. Kästner studied German, history, philosophy, and theater at the universities in Leipzig, Rostock, and Berlin beginning in 1920. After completing his studies in 1925, he worked as an editor for the “Neue Leipziger Zeitung” before moving to Berlin to work as a professional writer. In Berlin, Kästner quickly made a name for himself with his reviews and essays in periodicals such as the “Vossische Zeitung” and the “Weltbühne” but also with poems, children’s books, and acrimonious, critical texts for cabarets. Beginning in 1928, Kästner published a series of poetry volumes that were in the politically engaged style of “Neue Sachlichkeit” (New Objectivity), which he termed “Gebrauchslyrik” (“Poetry of Use”). His novels are just as politically engaged, for example “Fabian. Die Geschichte eines Moralisten” (1931), a humoristic, satirical critique of the accelerating moral decline of Berlin and the emergence of Fascism. In 1929, he began… read more


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