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Sylvia Sidney


“What did Hitchcock teach me? To be a puppet and not try to be creative.”



Sylvia Sidney was born in New York City, in the Bronx borough, on August 8, 1910 with the birth name of Sophia Kosow. Her father was Russian born and mother born in Rumania. They divorced not long after her birth. Her mother subsequently remarried and Sylvia was adopted by her stepfather, Sigmund Sidney. Sylvia was a shy child and her parents tried to encourage her to be more outgoing and gregarious. As an early teen, Sylvia had decided that she wanted a stage career. While most parents would have looked down on such an announcement, Sylvia’s encouraged her to pursue the dream she had made. She was enrolled in the Theater Guild’s School for Acting. Sylvia later admitted that when she decided to become a stage actress at 15, it wasn’t being starstruck that occurred to her, but the expression of beauty that encompassed acting. All she wanted was to be identified with good productions. One school production was held at a Broadway theater and in the audience was a critic for the New York… read more


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Picture of Hisham Teymour

Hisham Teymour


The Anna Karina of the American cinema.

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Picture of Howard Fritzson

Howard Fritzson


A delicately beautiful face--Truffaut thought she looked like a bird--combined with a Gish-like emotional transparency. She was such a memorable actress, especially in the thirties.

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