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H.C. Potter




Henry Codman Potter II (November 13, 1904 – August 31, 1977) was an American theatrical producer/director and a motion picture director.

H.C. Potter was born in New York City, the grandson of the Right Rev. Henry Codman Potter, Episcopal Bishop of New York, and son of Alonzo Potter, New York investment banker. He attended St. Marks School and graduated from Yale University in 1936, where he was a member of the Yale Dramatic Association and Scroll and Key. He attended the Yale School of Drama in the era of George Pierce Baker, and with George Haight founded the Hampton Players, one of the first summer theaters in America, based in Southampton, Long Island 1927-33. With Haight as producer, he directed numerous Broadway productions 1927-35, then moved to Hollywood where he directed over 20 feature films, earning a reputation as a specialist in “gag” comedy.

He married Lucilla Annie Wylie in 1926. Their three sons were Daniel J. Potter M.D. , Robert A. Potter and Earl Wylie… read more


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