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Artur Brauner




Artur Brauner belongs to the few producers who shaped German film history for over 60 years. He stands as a symbol for the German Entertainment Filmindustry of the 50s and 60s and at the same time is producer of some of the most significant West-German Films in the latest German history.

Born 1918 to the son of a wood merchant in Lodz (Poland), he graduated there from higher school. After his “A-levels” he studied at the Polytechnic until the German invasion of Poland. Together with his parents and four siblings he escaped to the former Soviet Union, where he was able to hide unidentified and thus survived the war. He lost 49 of his relatives due to the Nazis, his parents and three of his siblings immigrated to Israel. Even before the Second World War, Artur Brauner was a huge film fan seizing his chance after the war ended. After a brief consideration of immigrating to the US, he applied for a film company license in Berlin and after receiving it, he founded the CCC Film GmbH… read more


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