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Balufu Bakupa-Kanyinda


“Yes, I think that you can take any subject to convey a serious issue, whether consciously or not. Film is manipulative! So, in order to tell a story, you first of all have to win the spectator’s confidence. He or she has to let go.”



Balufu Bakupa-Kanyinda was born 1957 in Kinshasa, he studied sociology, history and philosophy in Brussels, Belgium. He was trained in cinema in France, United Kingdom and United States. As a writer and a poet, he signed some analysis on African Cinema. He’s also teaching cinema and has been invited by the New York University to profess in the NYU-Ghana campus in Accra. He made his first documentary, DIX MILES ANS DE CINEMA (1991), and returned two years later with THOMAS SANKARA (1993). THE DRAUGHTSMEN CLASH (1996) is his first fiction film. 10 years later he finished JUJU FACTORY, his first long fiction film. The text below was written for a scheduled retrospective which unfortunately was cancelled in the last moment. “JUJU FACTORY” invites us to read a dense net of references and allusions, names and phantoms, memories and nightmares; but the film is not just about decoding signs. “Juju Factory” itself is about reading. It’s a story about a neighbourhood; a neighbourhood connected… read more


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