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Charles Novia


“Video and film are the same . A director is a director anywhere in the world. When I get to the immigration in other countries and they ask me what are you doing in your country and I will say I am a film director, immediately they give me the respect. If you shoot on a HS you are a director, it is the visual, the picture. It is just not normal to say that film directors only shoot on celluloid films. It is just the idea, it is your creation.”



Charles Novia is a movie producer and acclaimed scriptwriter. His name, at different times, conjurs brilliance, controversies and achievements in Nollywood. In his kitty are Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) – sponsored blockbuster, Covenant Church, Missing Angel and Caught in the Middle among others. A usually cool and unassuming but very professional producer, who is responsible for the success of some players in the Nigerian movie industry like Desmond Elliot, Empress Njamah and Grace Amah, is doing new things. —Daily Independent (Lagos) 


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