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Chu Yen-ping




Kevin Chu Yen-ping (Chinese: 朱延平; pinyin: Zhū Yánpíng; Wade–Giles: Chu Yen-ping; Cantonese Yale: Chu Yin-ping; born December 1950) is a Taiwanese film director. Chu once said in an interview that he is “not an artist,” but rather “a movie factory that puts out products to match the season”, and is compared to Hong Kong director Wong Jing.

Chu studied in Soochow University, and began to work in a studio of Central Motion Picture Company next to the school.

In 1980 Chu directed his first film, The Clown. The film is a successful comedy, which boosted the career of Taiwanese comedian Hsu Pu-liao, and began a series of successful and formulaic collaboration between Chu and Hsu. Hsu became known as “Taiwanese Chaplin”, and Chu’s The Funny Couple in 1984 with Hsu and child talent “Little Bing-bing” pays heavy homage to Chaplin’s City Lights. Though the collaboration was a big success, Hsu and Little Bing-bing suffered from exploitation and Hsu died in 1985 due to stress and… read more


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