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David Twohy


[On what drew him to sci-fi]: "You know, just because as a writer/director it is a big canvas for me to paint on — no rules and regulations. You do a drama and you are limited by the rules of reality and in science fiction you create your own reality. Some people find that daunting, I find it challenging. It’s just a big ass canvas to work on."



David Neil Twohy (born 18 October 1955) is an American film director and screenwriter.

Twohy was born in Los Angeles County, California. He attended college at California State University, Long Beach, graduating with a degree in radio/television/film.

His most successful movies have been: (as a writer) The Fugitive starring Harrison Ford, and (as a writer and director) Pitch Black, The Chronicles of Riddick and its upcoming sequel Riddick 3. He also wrote the script and scenario for the The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay video game. He has a cameo in Below as the British Captain of the rescue ship. —Wikipedia 


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below! the arrival!

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Jameson Lee Christopher


In need of the riddick movies, as Twohy is most definatly their autuer, seeing as he wrote and directed both (Pitch Black + Chronicles of Riddick)