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Mink Stole


“I met John when I was 18 and I was in my first John Waters film when I was 19. ”



Born Nancy Stoll in Baltimore, MD, Mink Stole began her acting career in the early ‘70s as part of John Waters’ cast of miscreants. She often played despicable characters, acting as an embodiment of poor taste and a frequent arbiter of nasty schemes. Her first completed project with Waters was the unbearable Roman Candles, made in 1966 as a three-projection 8 mm film with a tape-recorded soundtrack. After playing some sickos in Waters’ next few ventures, Stole appeared in the infamous Pink Flamingos as Connie Marbles, the red-haired villain in exaggerated cat-eye glasses and a fur coat. This character set an image for Mink Stole that would follow her for the rest of her career. Stole’s next two films marked her most memorable and prominent roles: obnoxious girl-child Taffy Davenport in Female Trouble and housewife-on-the-run Peggy Gravel in Desperate Living. After playing the cornrowed adulteress Sandra Sullivan in Polyester (1981), she would continue to get smaller parts in Waters… read more


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