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Danielle Darrieux


“The stage takes more from your life in three hours of work than one whole day in the film studio. On stage, you are a prisoner, even though it is a lovely prison.”



In a career extending over seven decades and more than 100 films Danielle Darrieux has deployed her considerable talents in an impressive diversity of roles. Though most readily associated with sophisticated comedy or romantic drama, she has also brought depth to melodrama and graced musicals with her fine voice.

After her debut at the age of 14 in Le Bal as a willful adolescent, she was frequently cast during the 1930s as the fractious, wayward teenager who eventually succeeds despite misfortune or social handicap. Her burgeoning vocal talents were heard in musicals such as La Crise est fini, and her innate vitality and sense of timing enlivened lighthearted comedies such as Un Mauvais Garçon, while a controlled passivity in her playing conveyed a tragic quality to period melodramas such as Port-Arthur. International acclaim came with Mayerling in which, as the beautiful and tragic Marie Vetsera, she achieved a deeply moving and seemingly… read more

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