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Albert Pyun


“I’ve always tried to include humor. How can you not? Based on the crazy scenarios I was putting on film! My sensibilities are to see the humor and irony of many of the situations in my films.”



No other film director has been so much vituperated against as Albert Pyun. Frequently compared with Edward D. Wood Jr., they both share a fascination for the bizarre. Pyun has a feel for the stylistic and hypnotic, changing the conventions of fiction, and makes each of his movies extreme experiences.

Unintentionally born in San Diego, he was later brought up in Hawaii, and his Hawaiian childhood was illuminated by an unending movie consumption that would turn him into a guest of the cinemas regularly used by the marines from the Kaneohe military base, where awful horror movies and tacky action films were massively projected. And at the age of nine, Pyun started shooting short films with an 8mm camera borrowed from his parents. At sixteen he embarked his mates into gang movies that he later revealed underground, while working at night as editor, sound technician or electrician for local laboratories.

Following his graduation, at eighteen he traveled to Japan. Once there… read more


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