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John Abraham


“I am not a phenomenon.”



John Abraham (Malayalam: ജോണ്‍ അബ്രഹാം, 11 August 1937 – 31 May 1987), was a Malayali Indian filmmaker and screenwriter.

He was more famous for his style of living and way of thinking than for his films. He attained a mythical status, living a nomadic kind of life. He rebelled all the established ways of life as well as art.

John Abraham is recognized as a genius in Malayalam cinema. He made his mark with the Tamil film Agraharathil Kazhuthai, but is possibly remembered most for his efforts in starting a people’s cinema movement called Odessa.

John Abraham was born in Changanassery in 1937. He completed his studies in Kottayam staying with his grandfather. It was him who nurtured Abraham’s talent in early days. After completing his degree in economics from Marthoma College, Thiruvalla, he worked as an insurance agent in Bellary. After that he joined the FTII, Pune and was trained by Ritwik Ghatak. Abraham graduated out of the FTII with gold medals in screenwriting… read more


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Deepak Cee Cee


If he was alive malayalam film industry will have been on the heights of world cinema....After charlie chaplin he is the best for me :)

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Is any of his work available on DVD in the United States?

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Sudipto Basu


There are a lot of wrong entries on this page. Everything except Report to Mother, Donkey in a Brahmin Village and Cruelties of Cheriyachan is about the *other* John Abraham - the model-turned-actor of Bollywood. All these films should be on a separate page.

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feros backer


1. Koyna Nagar - (1967) - English 2. Priya (1969) - Hindi 3. Hides and Strings - (1969) - English 5. Vidyarthikale Ithile Ithile (This Way, Students) - 1972 - Malayalam 6. Agraharathil Kazhuthai (Donkey in the Elite Colony) - 1977 - Tamil 7. Cheriachante Krurakrithyangal (Cruelties of Cheriyachan) - 1979 - 8. Amma Ariyan (Report to Mother) - 1986 - Malayalam