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Nancy Sinatra


“I think I've finally proven something to people who were cynical about me. Because they were cruel. ”



The subject of Frank Sinatra’s mid ‘40s hit “Nancy With the Laughing Face,” New Jersey-born entertainer Nancy Sinatra was the oldest of Frankie’s three children. When she inaugurated her own career in 1960, casual observers assumed it was solely on the basis of her father’s talent. In truth, Nancy had taken 11 years of piano, 8 years of dance, 5 years’ dramatic training, and several seasons of voice lessons under the tutelage of Carlo Menotti. Nancy’s first professional appearance was on the legendary Frank Sinatra/Elvis Presley TV special of May 12, 1960. Within the next twelve months, she had signed with Reprise records and married teen singing idol Tommy Sands. Neither her early recording career nor her marriage was much of a success; she was divorced from Sands by 1963, and though her discs sold well in England and Europe, she never made the charts in the US. Nancy’s advisors suggested that she alter her image, thus she adopted a tough, pouty “biker chick” personna. With the help… read more


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I love Nancy Sinatra! I wish she had taken on more film projects in addition to her wonderful musical contributions. Movin' With Nancy needs to be added to Mubi already. It's a classic!

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