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Enzo Barboni




Enzo Barboni (July 10, 1922 – March 23, 2002), sometimes credited by his pseudonym E.B. Clucher, was an Italian film director, cinematographer and screenwriter. Born in Rome, he is mostly notable for his slapstick comedies starring Terence Hill and Bud Spencer.

After he had served as a war correspondent on Eastern Front of World War II he moved on to become a camera operator.

In 1961 he advanced to a career as cinematographer, including films like Spaghetti Western Django by Sergio Corbucci, with whom he had worked together since his sword-and-sandal films.

From 1970 onwards Barboni started his career as a director, using the pseudonym E. B. Clucher. After a more serious start he soon gained a reputation as the inventor of a slapstic form of spaghetti western.

In 1967 he worked on the music western Little Rita nel west, featuring Rita Pavone and Terence Hill, who moved on from Karl May movies to his new career in the spaghetti western genre. Afterwards Barboni… read more


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