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Vincent Ward




Vincent Ward is a gypsy filmmaker living between New Zealand and Australia. His two passions are film and painting. In his many other incarnations he has worked as an actor in LA, a screenwriter and has put out several books.

His film work has seen recognition at both the Academy Awards and the Cannes Film Festival.

The Boston Globe has named him “one of the world’s great image-makers” and a book of his images will be released in 2011 along with exhibitions of his paintings.

Vincent Ward’s films have achieved a wide, eclectic audience whilst earning critical acclaim and festival attention.

His latest feature film Rain of the Children (2008) was picked by the audience, from 250 feature films, to win the Grand Prix at Poland’s largest film festival. The film was also nominated for best director in New Zealand and Australia.

What Dreams May Come won an Oscar and was nominated for 2 Academy Awards. The River Queen (2005) won the Golden… read more


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Picture of Carlos Figueiredo

Carlos Figueiredo


A truly great director. His "The Navigator: a Medieval Odyssey" is a gem (that death flying in front of the moon playing its trumpet is deliciously surreal). I wished his vision of "Alien 3" came to life, even if it was released as an isolated film.