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Claire Dodd




She was born on December 29, 1908 in Des Moines, Iowa where her mother was on a trip. This did not appeal to her so she said she was born in Little Rock Arkansas where she was raised. Her father was a doctor who abandoned her and her mother before she was ten years old. Her mother suffered from tuberculosis and Dorothy was forced to support her. She went to New York at the age of fifteen, lied about her age, and joined the Zeigfeild Follies where she was eventually discovered by Darryl F. Zanuck. He brought her to Hollywood and shepherded her throughout most of her career. She worked for Warner Brothers, Paramount, and Universal. She played the “other” woman and could not be cast as a “dumb blond” because of her cerebral nature and demeanor. Good friends with Bette Davis with whom she worked in “Ex-Lady”, she worked with everyone from Bogart and Flynn to Stanwyk, and Cagney. She played “Della Street” in one of the original Perry Mason thrillers “The case of the Velvet Claw” where she… read more


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