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Scott Barley


“I see filmmaking as an exploratory endeavour. By just standing still, inhaling the salty sea air, running your hand over withered tree bark, seeing the long grass twist, the clouds pass over in the wind, watching figures and shadows move - that is when the most important element in everything manifests itself to you: time. No amount of planning can yield the most unassumingly beautiful and the unexpected in life. With time, ideas present themselves as we watch life unfold.”



Scott Barley is an artist and filmmaker living in Newport, Wales, UK.

Scott studied Fine Art at Cardiff School of Art & Design, Howard Gardens, where he focused on themes of existential angst, self-sabotage, isolation and metaphysics within nature. Based on the unknowing of man and the harshness of nature, he exhibited an interactive film installation, incorporating living room furniture and insects, where he was voted as one of the 25 great upcoming young artists in England and Wales in 2012.

Since then, Scott has focussed on filmmaking; further exploring themes of existentialism and metaphysics, with dark and lyrical avant-garde shorts, including Retirement (2013), Irresolute (2013) and Nightwalk (2013).

He is currently working on several collaborative projects, as well as studying for a degree in Film & Video, at The University of South Wales, Newport. 


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to see more work frm urs //////////////////////

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Hi Scott, I really enjoyed Retirement and Irresolute. Please make a profile for Irresolute on IMDB so I can rate it as well please.