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Lisbeth Movin




Actress, born 25 Aug. 1917.

Lisbeth Movin grew up in Odense and got a degree as a laboratory technician before she was admitted to the Royal Theatre School in 1939. Graduating in 1941, she was hired by the Royal Theatre. She had been there only a short time when Dreyer hired her for her first starring role, in Day of Wrath. Dreyer did not want to work with a prima donna but preferred less experienced actresses that he could more easily shape.

Movin later moved on to Det Ny Teater, where she became a young prima donna of sorts in somewhat lighter roles than she had played at the national stage. She became a freelance actress in 1950. In 1953 she replaced another Dreyer actress, Nina Pens Rode, as Anne Boleyn in Cant, the play by Kaj Munk at Det Ny Teater. Pens Rode had to cancel because of sickness and Movin filled in for her for a few months.

In 1945 Movin married Lau Lauritzen Jr. (1910-1977), a well-known actor, producer and director (often with Alice O’Fredericks… read more


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