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Coleen Gray


“Once I had visions of being a great actress, but you have to do a lot of sacrificing to get to the top. You have to give 100 per cent of your time to a career with no time for personal happiness.”



Coleen Gray (born October 23, 1922) is an American movie and television actress born in Staplehurst, Nebraska. She is known for her roles in the films Nightmare Alley (1947), Red River (1948) and Stanley Kubrick’s The Killing (1956).

Born Doris Jensen, Gray was a farmer’s daughter from Nebraska. After graduating from high school, she studied dramatics at Hamline University, graduating with a bachelor of arts degree. She then decided to see America and traveled to California, stopping at La Jolla, where she worked in a restaurant as a waitress. After several weeks there, she moved to Los Angeles and enrolled in a drama school. She had leading roles in the Los Angeles stage productions Letters to Lucerne and Brief Music, which won her a 20th Century Fox contract in 1944. After initially playing a bit part in State Fair (1945), she became pregnant and briefly stopped working, only to return a year later as the love interest of the character played by John Wayne in Red River (1948… read more


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Picture of Howard Fritzson

Howard Fritzson


Exquisite, underrated. She should have been a star.