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Michael Corrente




Michael Corrente is an American film director and producer from Pawtucket, Rhode Island. His films include A Shot at Glory, American Buffalo, Outside Providence, Brooklyn Rules and Federal Hill.

Born and raised in Rhode Island, Corrente first became interested in the theatre in high school, when he was “dragged” to see a production of A Man for All Seasons at Trinity Square Repertory Theatre. He befriended Adrian Hall (then artistic director of the company), did some carpentry work for the theatre and took some acting classes in that theatre’s workshop, Studio B. When he moved to New York City in 1985, Corrente started Studio B Theatre Ensemble with partners Glyde Hart and Jeffrey Gage; the company quickly became a magnet for other Trinity Square alumni, such as Margie Damashek, Kate Lohman and Tony Todd.

Over the next seven years, Corrente produced more than 25 plays with Studio B, in such diverse locations as the Hungarian House, the Sanford Meisner Theatre and The Tunnel… read more


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Loosies (2011) very good movie with a great romantic touch ! ***

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