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Kyoka Izumi



Kyōka Izumi (Izumi Kyōka, 4 November 1873 – 7 September 1939), real name Kyōtarō Izumi (Izumi Kyōtarō), is the pen name of a Japanese author of novels, short stories, and kabuki plays who was active during the prewar period.

He is best known for a characteristic brand of Romanticism preferring tales of the supernatural heavily influenced by works of the earlier Edo period in Japanese arts and letters, which he tempered with his own personal vision of aesthetics and art in the modern age.

He is also considered one of the supreme stylists in modern Japanese literature, and the difficulty and richness of his prose has been frequently noted by fellow authors and critics. Like Natsume Sōseki and other Japanese authors with pen names, Kyōka is usually known by his pen name rather than his real given name.


Kyōka was born Kyōtarō Izumi on November 4, 1873 in the Shitashinmachi section of Kanazawa, Ishikawa, to Seiji Izumi (Izumi Seiji), a chaser… read more


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