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Will Vinton


“Animating a stop-motion puppet can give instant feedback. It’s intuitive. You’re working in real space…It’s a little bit of a dying art, to see all these hand-drawn and hand-sculpted materials.”



Not many filmmakers kick off their careers with an Academy Award. Few animation Directors go on to breathe life into so many characters that become living icons of animation. And few have created so many milestones in 3D animation having launched the careers of the California Raisins, the Noid, Dinosaurs “Herb & Rex,” M&M’s “Red & Yellow” and The PJs’ Thurgood Stubbs. Will Vinton has done just that – all while founding and growing one of the most respected, creative, dimensional character animation studios in history, Will Vinton Studios.

Will grew up in the town of McMinnville, Oregon. In the early ‘70s, he enrolled at the University of California in Berkeley to pursue studies in physics, architecture and filmmaking. Fascinated by the fluid designs created in clay similar to the work of Spanish sculptural architect Antoni Gaudi, Will began experimenting with clay animation. After graduating with a degree in architecture, he entered the world of film production, working… read more


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